is down




The reason that is down is

“power failure
By joshua on service alert

Our datacenter has had full power outage, and we are now recovering from the aftermath. About half of the machines are still down and we are working on bringing them back as soon as possible. To keep things moving, I’ve turned off RSS and some other features so that posting will still work and so that you will still have access to your bookmarks.

5pm EST Update: Everything is back up. We apologize for the inconvenience. It looks like a number of slave servers are corrupted. We’re rebuilding them now and taken the site down so this goes as quickly as possible.

Update: Some servers are coming up. Should be going much faster from here on in.

PS — we are obviously not yet on the Yahoo! infrastructure, and this is exactly the kind of stuff they can do a lot better for us (and you.)”



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